Floor Classes

STEP IT UP – A fun and challenging low impact cardiovascular workout that involves following a choreographed routine where participants alternate between patterns that include moving up and down a “Step” as well as low impact floor patterns.

“HIIT” HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING – HIIT – A High Intensity Interval Training class that involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times which may be a long as work periods. The workout continues with the alternating work and relief periods totaling 45 minutes. Modifications are provided for each exercise.

MUSCLE PUMP CARDIO INTERVALS – Maximize your fitness goals in this high intensity strength and cardiovascular training workout. A variety of fitness tools are used in this challenging class.

MUSCLE PUMP These classes are designed to strengthen all major muscle groups of the body. Proper form and execution are emphasized in this class. Exercise balls, bands, body bars, and free weights provide variety and challenge to this popular class.

TRAINING CAMP – This boot camp style class offers strength and cardiovascular training as well as mobility and stretching. A variety of equipment is used in this class.

MAXIMUM CORE 25 – A 25 minute class focusing on building core stability, balance, and strength. Dynamic, functional, and static exercises are incorporated throughout the class. Modifications are provided.

CORE EXPRESS 15 – A 15 minute express class that targets the muscles of the abdominal wall and back.

ZUMBA – Get your sweat on in this fun-filled Latin-style low impact cardiovascular dance extravaganza where dancers follow the instructor through a series of choreographed dances.

MUSCLE PUMP LITE is a gentler version of our popular Muscle Pump class! A total body conditioning class focusing on muscle toning, posture, balance, core strengthening and flexibility.