Find Your Fit

Our FIT BODIES program will change your body for the better! You put in the work, you dedicate 10 weeks to building a fitter, better, healthier you and you WILL see results! Now is the time to be fit. Remember, you are worth a healthier, happier, stronger you!

The philosophy behind FitBodies is train to live and train for life. What does that mean? It means getting in well planned workouts that will improve quality of life. We will safely train to increase strength, endurance and lose body fat. In doing so you will feel strong, confident and healthy. You put in the effort and you will see results and break plateaus. In short, I want to help you live life to its fullest!

What members are saying:

“The Fit Bodies program has given me a level of core fitness that I haven’t had in 25 years. On a recent ski trip I noticed a huge difference in my fitness level. With all the crouching, squatting, and moguls, my quads were never burning, and I left the slopes each day as the only member of my family who wasn’t sore and exhausted. I would highly recommend the Fit Bodies program if you are looking to improve your fitness, whether you are an athlete who wants to get stronger, or a mom who just wants to be able to climb the stairs to put away the laundry without getting winded.” -Beth R

“FITBODIES is a great workout program offered in a fun and supportive environment. Tailored to individual fitness levels, FITBODIES allows everyone to progress to their goals at their own pace. The small group environment gives everyone to get to know each other and cheer our successes. It is our “go to” date night!” -Ralph and J C

“I look forward to both the workout and the camaraderie of Fit Bodies. At every class we work hard and have fun. A perfect combination. Working out regularly has given me the incentive to push even harder and incorporate running into my fitness goals. Kass’s encouraging and supportive style make it possible to achieve even more than I thought possible.” -Joy C